Vacation Woes? Don't Let the Scale Tip!

nutrition self care Jun 23, 2024

Vacations are for relaxation and exploration, but sometimes those delicious treats and relaxed routines can lead to unwanted weight gain. Don't stress! Here are some tips to maintain a healthy balance and keep your swimsuit feeling fabulous:


• Plan for Movement: Pack your walking shoes! Explore new destinations on foot, or try local fitness activities like biking or swimming.

• Be a Smart Snacker: Pack healthy, portable options like nuts, fruit, and yogurt, or better yet, some ENRG BITES or Gourmet Snack Mix from All Around Snack Co.. Make sure your snacks include protein, not just carbohydrate foods. This will keep you satisfied and prevent reaching for sugary treats on the go.

• Portion Patrol: Restaurant meals can be supersized. Share a plate, or ask for a takeout box to portion half for later.

• Hydration Hero: Skip sugary drinks. Water is your best friend, and it can also help curb cravings. Make sure to carry a water bottle so while you are on the move you also have access to fluids, don’t just wait for meals to hydrate. 

• Mindful Indulgence: Vacations are for trying new things! Savor a local dessert, but limit portion sizes and balance it with healthy choices throughout the day.

• Maintain Your Routine (as much as possible): Aim for a consistent sleep schedule and don't skip meals entirely. This will help regulate your appetite and metabolism.


Remember, a vacation is a chance to unwind, not a time for extreme restrictions. By incorporating these tips, you can enjoy delicious food, explore new activities, and return home feeling refreshed and healthy.

Reach out to our great team of Sport Dietitians at eNRG Performance when you want to take your nutrition TO THE NEXT LEVEL!






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