What is eNRG Performance?

Welcome to eNRG Performance, your ultimate destination for unlocking peak health and athletic performance by using a non-calorie-counting approach to nutrition. We implement nutrition periodization plans with an emphasis on optimizing blood sugar through proper food planning to help athletes succeed at losing weight and body fat, eliminate GI distress, optimize daily energy levels, improve cognitive functioning and support optimal longevity. We are dedicated to helping athletes enhance their athletic performance and overall well-being.

Our Mission

At eNRG Performance, our mission is to empower athletes to reach their health and performance goals by harnessing the power of evidence-based nutrition strategies, customized endurance training programming and comprehensive physiological and biomarker testing and analysis. We believe that true potential is achieved through a holistic approach that considers each athlete’s unique physiology, gender, age, sport, level of competitiveness and current health status.

What We Offer

1. Nutrition Coaching

Receive personalized guidance from our Board Certified Specialists in Sport Dietetics (CSSD) Registered Dietitians who are passionate about your health and performance success journey. Whether you want to lose weight and body fat, optimize your cognitive functioning, get rid of GI distress, or age more successfully, our Sport Dietitians work closely with you to develop and fine-tune your daily and training nutrition strategies and supplementation protocols. All of our nutrition coaching is based on periodizing nutrition to support health and performance goals and using the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept to optimize blood sugar, prevent energy crashes throughout the day and improve cognitive functioning.

2. Endurance Coaching

Unlock your full endurance potential by working with one of our skilled endurance coaches. Our experienced coaches tailor training plans to your skill level and aspirations, helping you improve performance and conquer new challenges. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting your journey, our endurance coaching team will take you to the next level.

3. Biomarker and Physiological Testing

Access the future of health and performance optimization through comprehensive biomarker and physiological testing. Our advanced testing assesses key physiological markers that impact performance, recovery and overall health. With data-driven insights, we provide you with actionable recommendations to refine your daily and training nutrition strategies and supplement protocols, ensuring you achieve peak

Why Choose eNRG Performance

  •  Science-Driven Approach: Our strategies are rooted in the latest scientific research, ensuring you receive evidence-based recommendations that deliver real results.
  •  Personalization: We recognize that every athlete is unique. Our customized programs are tailored to your specific needs, goals and preferences to maximize your success.
  •  Experienced Professionals: Our team of Sport Dietitians and endurance coaches brings over 60 years of combined experience working with athletes of all levels, providing you with top-tier expert guidance.
  •  Holistic Performance: We understand that true performance encompasses more than just physical capabilities. We emphasize overall well-being to help you perform at your best. We leave no stone unturned.
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Let Us Join You on Your Performance Journey

Whether you are a weekend warrior, someone looking to elevate their health and performance or an elite athlete, eNRG Performance is your dedicated partner in achieving your goals. Together, we will revolutionize your approach to nutrition, training and performance, helping you unlock your full potential.

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