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I went all in and followed the guidelines that Bob explained to me regarding regulating blood sugar. Within the first month, I lost about 5 pounds and then each month, more weight started coming off, my appetite decreased and my training was amazing.

- Jazzy G

Bob's approach to Metabolic Efficiency Training is easy to understand, easy to implement and making the change was so easy!

- Julie L

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Metabolic Efficiency Training™️ Specialist Certification and Mentorship Program

Earn your certification as a Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist. This is an extensive program that includes a two month, personal mentorship program with Bob Seebohar, the creator of the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept.

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Inside Sports Nutrition Podcast

Launched in 2021, hosts Dina Griffin & Bob Seebohar aim to cover the science and “in the field” strategies that pertain to endurance and team sport athletes, from teens to masters athletes, and all abilities, from the recreational to the elite level.

They strive to bring you different approaches and perspectives to piece together all the good stuff you want to know about sports nutrition… no matter if you’re an athlete, coach, parent or other health professional.

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