Want to Know How to Eat?

metabolic efficiency nutrition sport nutrition May 06, 2024
How to eat for Metabolic Efficiency
If you have been following me for a while (like almost 20 years!), you know that I created the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept. You can read more about why I created it HERE but let me just dive right into this article.
We all struggle at times to figure out what to eat. We are busy. We have different taste preferences. Perhaps we have food intolerances or allergies. I totally get it. 
But one of the main reasons why I created the Metabolic Efficiency Training concept was to make this whole process EASY. I mean, unless you are a culinary expert, who really wants to spend that much time in the kitchen?
Metabolic Efficiency Training is all about optimizing blood sugar with pairing carbohydrates, protein and fat together to support your health, longevity and fitness goals. It’s not a diet. It’s not a short-term quick fix. And it most certainly IS NOT DIFFICULT!
In your quest to optimize your blood sugar, follow these THREE STEPS when making (or ordering) a meal or snack. Remember, don’t overthink it!
Step 1: choose your protein (animal, plant or both)
Step 2: add color (fruits and vegetables)
Step 3: add a starch/grain if you need more carbohydrates for athletic performance-related goals (darker color starches and grains are usually better)
That’s it. Really. It is THAT simple.
Try it out for a week or two and witness just how easy optimizing your blood sugar can be!
Oh, and if you are looking for 52 mouth-watering, metabolically efficient recipes where you just “plug and play”, check out my newly published, Metabolic Efficiency Recipe e-book, third edition HERE. The recipes are all categorized by the carbohydrate to protein ratio so you know exactly how well your blood sugar will be controlled with each meal or snack.


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Want to Know How to Eat?

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