Top 3 Nutrition Mistakes in Warmer Weather

nutrition sport nutrition May 20, 2024
Summer nutrition
1. Not hydrating well. It’s no secret that most athletes are dehydrated and it becomes even more difficult to maintain normal hydration levels when the weather is warmer. Aim for a minimum of 3-4 liters of total fluid per day as we shift into the summer months. Great fluid options include water, seltzer water, electrolyte beverages, tea, coffee and milk.
2. Not paying attention to your hunger signals. As it gets hotter, the body usually reduces its hunger signals. This means that you are not picking up on when and if you are hungry so be sure to listen more to your biological hunger cues as the thermostat rises. Since blood sugar ebbs and flows approximately every 3-4 hours, pay particular attention to your hunger around these time intervals throughout the day.
3. Not eating enough fruits and veggies. It sounds odd because some of us are moving into the season where there will be so many great options for different types of produce but sometimes, our habits from the Spring and Winter stay with us where we may not have been eating enough colorful foods. Aim for around 5-9 servings of colorful foods per day to ensure you are consuming great vitamins and minerals. Remember, since you will be sweating more, you will be losing more of those micronutrients in your sweat.
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