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About VO2max Testing

For Health and Longevity


In the past, VO2max testing was only used to determine the level of fitness in elite athletes.

Nowadays, VO2max testing has emerged as being one of the strongest predictors of a longer life span. It's a measure of how well your heart is working and how well it functions under stress.

Knowing your VO2max  provides you a current status of your fitness level and how well your heart is functioning. It also serves as a baseline measurement for monitoring changes over time. 

In fact, the American Heart Association states that a low VO2max is a more accurate risk factor for some disease states than either elevated blood pressure or smoking history.

In simple terms, VO2max tells you what your fitness age is and can indicate your risk stratification for certain diseases.

At the end of the day, you want to have a higher VO2max and you want to implement exercise strategies to improve it.

Unfortunately, beginning in our 30's, VO2max declines approximately 10% per decade but it is possible to slow this progression and actually IMPROVE your VO2max.


The first step in doing this is to have it measured. The second step is to meet with our Exercise Physiologist to interpret your test at which time a custom exercise plan to increase your VO2max will be created.


The Deliverables

Here is what you can expect to receive during your interpretation with our Exercise Physiologist.

  1. VO2max overall "score", reported in milliliters per kilogram per minute (ml/kg/min). 
  2. Your VO2max "score" based on your age and gender categories.
  3. Your maximal heart rate and custom heart rate training zones.
  4. Customized exercise program to improve your VO2max.

The Testing


This test can be done at any time of the day. We only require that you fast for 2-3 hours before the test. It can be done on a treadmill or a bike (you bring your own bike).

The VO2max test itself will last between 8-15 minutes and your 1 on 1 consultation with our Exercise Physiologist will last approximately 30 minutes.

Your total appointment time will be 1 hour.

After the VO2max test, our Exercise Physiologist will  explain the results, interpret the data and customize an exercise program to improve your VO2max to optimize health and longevity.

 Because of the high correlation between VO2max and longevity, it is recommended to have this test done 1-2 times per year to gauge your progress.

Test. Don't Guess.

Your purchase is for one VO2max Test and a full interpretation of the results and customized exercise plan to improve your VO2max.

Testing location: Littleton, Colorado

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We understand that you may not be able to visit us in beautiful Colorado to have your VO2max tested but you would still like our expertise in interpreting the data you received from another institution that measured your VO2max.

You provide us with the raw data of your VO2max test and our Exercise Physiologist will interpret it, package it into an easy-to-understand deliverable, and provide you with a customized exercise plan via a 45-minute telephone/video call.

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