Omega-3 Index Test

About The Test

Fats are crucial parts of your daily nutrition plan but a balance of the right types of fats (saturated, monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated) is the key to improving your health and longevity. Our Omega-3 Index Complete test gives you a snapshot of the fats that make up your cells. Some fatty acid levels are closely related to what you eat while others are more affected by your metabolism. Your diet isn’t the only factor that establishes your blood fatty acid levels – genetics, gender, weight, age and other lifestyle factors all can play a role. For some fats like omega-3 and trans fats, eating that fat directly increases blood levels of that fat. This is why testing matters. The only way to know your blood levels of fatty acids, and how your daily nutrition plan affects them, is to test. As we say at eNRG Performance, "Test. Don't guess."

Unfortunately, simply eating more omega-3-rich fish or taking fish oil supplements will not tell you exactly how much impact that will make until you have your Omega-3 Index measured. It usually takes about 3 - 4 months to raise your Omega-3 Index level after making daily nutrition changes and our Sport Dietitians will help you create the best implementation strategy based on your testing and lifestyle.


Sample Test Report

From these same reports, you can see this individual needs to increase his omega-3-rich foods or use a supplement providing the proper doses of omega-3 fats. Additionally, this individual is eating too many omega-6 fats relative to their omega-3 fat intake and their trans fat levels are low (a very good thing).

Test Your Blood Fatty Acid Levels

Accurate measurements of Omega-3, Omega-6 and Trans Fat.