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About Metabolic Efficiency Testing


Shortly after Bob Seebohar created the concept of Metabolic Efficiency Training, he knew he wanted to find a way to measure it. Firmly believing in the fact that if you don't measure, you can't improve, Bob put his exercise physiologist hat on to determine if he could configure a test that would indeed measure the body's ability to enhance fat oxidation and carbohydrate preservation. In a short amount of time, he created the testing protocol which can validate if an athlete's nutrition program is meeting their goals.

Metabolic Efficiency testing is a nutritional assessment that can validate if your daily nutrition plan is supporting the body's ability to burn more fat and at the same time, preserve its precious carbohydrate stores. Did you know you only have enough carbohydrate stores to last about 2 hours worth of moderate intense exercise? Contrast that to having hours upon hours upon hours of fat stores and you can see why we want to improve the body's ability to use fat as energy while preserving carbohydrates. This helps both health and performance markers. And yes, contrary to popular belief, you can burn fat at higher intensities. In fact, we have measured an endurance athlete who used a large portion of fat (61%) at 87% of his VO2max/peak. It is possible!

Additionally, Bob has identified additional markers that will help you understand your body better to improve your health and performance goals. With the eNRG Performance Metabolic Efficiency testing, you will not only learn if and where your Metabolic Efficiency Point (MEP) is but also at what intensity it exists. This crucial information helps our trained Sport Dietitians customize a daily and training nutrition plan that is right for you. There are no generic recommendations. We personalize all of your nutrition based on your current physiology based on the findings from the test and we mold it into your lifestyle to make it simple and sustainable. No guessing. No wondering. No mistakes.

Here is a list of information you receive during your interpretation with one of our Sport Dietitians:

  1. Metabolic Efficiency Point (the point at which your body begins to use more carbohydrate than fat). Some athletes have it, some don't. This is why we like to measure.
  2. Amount of carbohydrate and fat calories and grams you burn at each intensity level. The intensity is measured by speed, heart rate, pace/power.
  3. Amount of total calories your body burns (no guessing) at each intensity level.
  4. Calorie Efficiency Ratio. This is a ratio in which Bob created that provides you an accurate range of calories to consume during exercise based on your current physiology, as opposed to research recommendations which are cookie cutter in nature.
  5. Fully customized daily and training nutrition plan that will improve your Metabolic Efficiency, health, and performance.

The test itself takes about 30 - 45 minutes but the appointment lasts 2 hours. We like to spend quality time with you after your test to make sure you have full understanding of your results and the plan that we construct for you.

Here is a photo of the first piece of information we provide for you, your Metabolic Efficiency Point. This particular athlete has a well defined MEP.

Email us if you have any questions or view below for all of our Metabolic Efficiency Testing Packages.

Metabolic Efficiency Testing Packages

This is a great way for you to get the benefit of a pre- and post Metabolic Efficiency test but without the frequent communication with an eNRG Performance Sports Dietitian.  This is offered as a treadmill or bike test or for triathletes a bike to run test in the same appointment.




This is the power package of testing and will provide you the most bang for your buck in terms of turning your body into a fat burning machine and successfully adopting a lifelong nutrition plan.  Your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian will be your personal guide in this journey and will leave no stone unturned to improve your health and performance.  This is offered as a treadmill or bike test or for triathletes a bike to run test in the same appointment.

This is the basic eNRG Performance package that is designed to help determine your baseline metabolic efficiency and make significant strides to improve your health and metabolic performance.  This 3-month program is designed as a pre-test/post-test strategy where your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian will customize your nutrition and training plan to enhance your body's ability to burn fat and preserve carbohydrate stores.  This is offered as a treadmill or bike test or for triathletes a bike to run test in the same appointment.


This service includes a metabolic efficiency interpretation where you provide us the raw data of a metabolic efficiency test that you received somewhere else.


Have a competition coming up and need to know the exact calories you should eat per hour during your event?  This is the perfect package for you!

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