Genomics Testing

What is Genomics?

A genome is an organism’s complete set of genetic instructions and can be found in almost every cell in the body. The human genome is made up of 20,000 – 25,000 genes, containing over 3 billion base pairs of DNA.

Genomics identifies and analyses variations in the DNA called single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). A SNP may have no effect at all or it can change the proteins created by a gene, making them more or less effective. Proteins run all systems in our body, and over time a small change can have a great impact on the organism.

Every time a cell replicates itself to replace dying cells in an organ or tissue, or when a protein needs to be produced, portions of the chromosome need to expose the needed genetic information. Sometimes during this process malfunctions and leads to errors or variations in the newly created proteins. Most of the time our system detects and repairs DNA errors before they get translated into a protein, but at times they become a permanent part of the DNA, leading to alterations in a person’s biochemistry and metabolism. Over time, this can result in the development of certain chronic diseases.

Genomic testing provides a better understanding of an individual’s genetic blueprint, providing the scientific data and analytical information needed to develop a precise, individualized DNA based daily nutrition plan to improve health and athletic performance.

The Testing Packages

We offer two different Genomics Packages: Athletic Performance and Health and Wellness. Your test results are presented in a customized report, which includes DNA-based nutrition recommendations from your eNRG performance sport dietitian.

Each genomic test contains 70 of the most applicable genetic markers that include information about the following:

Nutrient Metabolism

  • Micronutrient deficiencies (Vitamin A, B12, C, D, E, Folate, Iron, and Calcium)

Cardiometabolic Health

  • Caffeine (fast or slow metabolizer which can impact health and athletic performance)

  • Whole grains and Type 2 Diabetes association

  • Sodium and the predisposition to heart disease and hypertension

  • Omega-3 fat and the quantity necessary to improve health and performance

  • Saturated fat and body composition association

Weight Management

  • Energy balance and its association with resting metabolic rate

  • Physical activity (endurance, power/strength)

  • Protein, total fat, saturated and unsaturated fat associated with body weight and body composition goals

Food Intolerance Risks

  • Lactose

  • Gluten

Eating Habits

  • Fat taste perception

  • Sugar and starch preference

  • Tendency to eat between meals

Fitness and Physical Activity

  • Exercise motivation and behavior

  • Power, strength, and endurance-based genetic advantages to certain types of exercise and sport

  • Pain tolerance

  • Achilles tendon injury risk

Athletic Performance Package

Health and Wellness Package

Specifically developed with the athlete in mind, to help enhance performance, this test consists of 70 genetic markers that impact nutritional requirements and athletic performance. The recommendations in this report will enable your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian to provide you with a personalized DNA-based daily nutrition plan.

The recommendations can help you to improve your body composition, identify potential food intolerances, optimize heart health, and help you determine your nutrient requirements. The test also includes markers that can help you determine your risk for certain injuries and understand where your athletic performance strengths lie. These recommendations can help you get a step ahead of the competition by unleashing your genetic potential. Each test includes a 45-minute appointment with your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian.

This comprehensive genetic test consists of a panel of 70 genetic markers that allow your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian to provide you with a personalized DNA-based daily nutrition plan that focuses on improving overall health and wellness.

This test can help you determine how you respond to key components of the food you eat as well as physical activity.

The results of this test can assist with weight loss and body composition goals, nutrient metabolism, heart health, food intolerances, and eating habits. Each test includes a 45-minute appointment with your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian.