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Food and Snacks 

All Around Snack Co

Created by Bob Seebohar, each hand-picked ingredient in all of our snacks has a specific purpose for optimizing blood sugar, supporting optimal health and physical and cognitive performance.

Perfect Foods

We have been eating Perfect Bars for many, many years and truly appreciate the freshness and high protein content of all of the flavors. If you like peanut butter, you will love these!

Training and Race Day Nutrition

deltaG - The Oxford Ketone Ester

Skratch Labs



Supplements and Superfoods

Bare Performance Nutrition

Bulk Supplements

This is a great place to find your supplements at bulk discounts. They have just about everything!

Klean Athlete

Laird Superfood

It’s hard to choose just one or two products from Laird’s Superfoods but if we had to limit our choices, we really like their Sweet & Creamy with Adaptogens Superfoods Creamer, Peppermint Mocha Superfoods Creamer, Sleep and Recover powder, Prebiotic Daily Greens, and Super Adaptogen Drink Blend.


Momentous has some great supplements that are supported by science and are NSF Certified for Sport. 

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Naked Nutrition

We really enjoy their powdered peanut butter and their meal shakes but they have so many great plant and animal based products!

Now Foods




We love their plant-based protein powders! Great, quality ingredients!

Training Tools


This is the most comprehensive food and exercise tracking software out there and we love using it with our athletes!