Bob Seebohar

Founder/CEO eNRG Performance

Creator of the Metabolic Efficiency Training™️ concept

Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics

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Bob is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics, the former Director of Sports Nutrition for the University of Florida and served as a Sport Dietitian for the US Olympic Committee. Bob traveled to the 2008 Summer Olympic Games as a Sport Dietitian for the US Olympic Team and the personal Sport Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist for the Olympic Triathlon Team. Currently, Bob owns eNRG Performance and is the Sport Dietitian for the University of Denver Women’s Gymnastics Team and the University of Denver Athletics Program.

Bob has a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science, a master's degree in Health and Exercise Science and a second master's degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition. He is a Registered Dietitian, Exercise Physiologist, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, and a High Performance Endurance Coach. Being an out of the box thinker, Bob created the concepts of Nutrition Periodization™ and Metabolic Efficiency Training™ in the early 2000s.

As a nutrition coach, Bob specializes in enhancing health and improving performance by improving metabolic efficiency and using nutrition periodization, which provides varying nutrition recommendations based on an athlete’s sport, training cycle, health and performance goals. As an endurance coach, exercise physiologist and strength and conditioning specialist, Bob specializes in leading athletes to optimal performance through the use of science and real-life training applications that balance life, work and family. He has a true passion for food and this had led Bob to creating his metabolically efficient snack company, All Around Snack Co.

Bob has worked with a variety of recreational, recreationally competitive, and professional athletes from sports including triathlon, duathlon, ultra-running, ultra-cycling (road and mountain), track and field, marathon, mountain biking, road and track cycling, cross country, swimming, football, hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, tae kwon do, motocross, gymnastics, Nascar, tennis, golf, wrestling, weightlifting, rowing, skeleton, alpine skiing, nordic skiing, sailing, paralympic sailing, canoeing and kayaking, Crossfit, mountaineering, professional basketball, professional golf, and obstacle course racing.

He has worked with all ages and abilities of athletes including high schoolers/juniors, recreationally active adults, collegiate and professional athletes, and Olympians. He is also one of the very few Sport Dietitians in the country who specializes in working with young athletes.

Practicing what he preaches, Bob has been an athlete his entire life growing up playing competitive soccer. During his undergraduate studies, he turned to endurance sports and has competed in many endurance events including the Boston Marathon, six Ironman races, the Leadville 100 mile trail running race (twice), the Leadville 100 mile mountain bike race (twice), and in 2009, Bob became a Leadman, completing all six of the Leadville endurance events in 7 weeks. Bob enjoys challenging himself and will regularly compete in triathlon, cycling, obstacle course racing, and ultra-running. He enjoys exploring the depths of human performance through his daily training adventures.

As a Sport Dietitian, Bob is all about exercise and nutrition and specializes in working with endurance athletes. He has also been honored to have worked with some of the very best professionals and Olympians, including, but not limited to, the following:


  • David Popovici (2020 Olympic swimmer, World Champion, European Champion, World Record Holder, Romania)

  • Bianca Costa (2020 Olympic swimmer, Romania)

  • Susan Williams (triathlon, bronze medalist)

  • Sarah Haskins (triathlon)

  • Hunter Kemper (triathlon)

  • Joanna Zeiger (triathlon)

  • Andy Potts (triathlon)

  • Ben Kanute (triathlon)

  • Meb Keflezighi (marathon)

  • Anna Tunnicliffe (sailing)

  • Deb Capozzi (sailing)

  • Zach Railey (sailing)

  • Rudy Tolson Garcia (paralympic swimming)

  • Sam McGlone (triathlon)

  • Julie Ertel (triathlon)

  • Sarah Groff (triathlon)

  • Henry Marshall (sailing, Youth Olympic Games bronze medalist)

Professional Athletes

  • Tim O’Donnell (triathlon)

  • Leanda Cave (triathlon)

  • Brian Fleischmann (triathlon)

  • Matt Chrabot (triathlon)

  • Amanda Stevens (triathlon)

  • Kevin Collington (triathlon)

  • Amanda Lovato (triathlon)

  • Michael Lovato (triathlon)

  • Manny Huerta (triathlon)

  • Sara McLarty (triathlon)

  • Kate Ross (triathlon)

  • Jen Spieldenner (triathlon)

  • Ethan Brown (triathlon)

  • George Szabo (sailing)

  • Paige Railey (sailing)

  • Ryan Pesch (sailing)

  • Annie Haeger (sailing)

  • Briana Provancha (sailing)

  • Esther Lofgren (rowing)

  • Mike Holbrook (rowing)

  • Aric Almirola (Nascar)

  • Professional Hockey (NHL) players


  • University of Denver

  • Colorado School of Mines

  • University of Florida

  • University of Northern Colorado - individual athletes from soccer, wrestling and swimming

  • Colorado State University - individual athletes from football and swimming

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I have worked with Bob Seebohar for the last year or so, and I have learned a lot about not only nutrition, but also about myself. The human body is complex, but Bob is able to break down the science and make nutrition easy. Plus, his plan will make your metabolism much more efficient, which will help any person reach their goals. He also understands that sport is not just about training and nutrition, but also includes being psychologically well. I always enjoyed our phone calls because he really looked at the big picture and helped me adjust to get the right nutrition that I needed."

- Ben Kanute, 2016 Olympian (triathlon)


I want to say THANK YOU for teaching me how to fuel my life and workouts properly. You REALLY made a difference in my performance this year. I followed your recommendations and while I had no expectations this year at all due to minimal time (mom duties flooded my schedule) - I won overall female for EVERY race this season except for 70.3 - which I won my division at (out of 170 ladies!) and a ticket to 70.3 Worlds.

I just want to THANK YOU - for your help and for sharing your incredible knowledge.

- Caitlin D., Competitive Age-Group Triathlete


Being coached by Bob has been an amazing experience. His keen sense of humor and vast amount of experience is what drew me to him. The fact that he is an RD and sports physiologist has been a key to the success in my training. He watches my numbers but also listens to how I feel. He is quick to make changes to my plan if and when they are needed. He’s a fun coach but not one that coddles me. He listens and is attentive and encouraging. The workouts are never boring and certainly not cookie cutter. I’ve learned a lot from Bob and have great respect for his coaching capabilities.

- Susan M., Top Age-Group Triathlete


Working with Bob has been transformative for my training and for me personally.  Bob earned the nickname VOG for Voice of God as I trained with Bob for the Ironman World Championships in Kona for almost ten months, yet I never met him in person until the week of my race. Throughout my training, I followed Bob’s advice to the nines, believing that if I put in the effort the results would follow.  

Not only did Bob create my training program but he taught me that nutrition is without a doubt the fourth leg of an Ironman race. He had me practice my nutrition for all the long workouts and worked with me to tweak my race day nutrition which was a game changer.  Bob’s expertise in training kept me free from injury and healthy.  His workouts are formulaic, scientific and varied so there is no boredom.

He has a natural ability to inspire and he gave me the tools to compete, taught me to be confident in my abilities and to be proud of my efforts. He listens and is able to focus in on the individual needs of each athlete.  Rather than prescribing off the shelf workouts, Bob created a weekly schedule based on my calendar and he would move workouts around to accommodate travel and important family functions.

I introduced Bob to a friend who is now working with him and after my race my friend asked if training with Bob helped my race performance. I assured him that if he follows Bob’s advice, he will be the absolute best he can be on race day. I was completely prepared for every obstacle that came my way in the race as I had practiced what Bob preaches! There were no surprises on the course which says a lot about Bob and how he prepared me for the long day.

I am incredibly grateful for all of Bob’s guidance as he made the journey as special as the actual race. It was truly magical from start to finish.

- Amy G., Kona Ironman Finisher