Nutrition for Longevity


This self-study course will guide you through the most up to date education, implementation and transformation strategies that will support your goals for adding life to your years and striving for optimal longevity because yes, you do need to change your nutrition as you get more mature.

From Bob Seebohar:

Let me teach you how implementing different nutrition strategies can improve your health span and longevity journey.




Learn how the body ages and what you can do to support optimal longevity through nutrition.


Apply easy to use daily nutrition strategies to add years to your life and improve your health span.


Learn the most up to date information about biomarker testing and supplements for optimal longevity.


Why this course is different

First off, there is not another course on the topic of nutrition and longevity. There are books, podcasts and expert opinions but these don't provide you the real-life behavior change strategies to use to improve your longevity.

In this course, you will find eight fantastic learning modules with transformational activities after each one so you can actually apply what you learn after each module. 

I recommend taking at least one week per learning module so you have enough time to use all of the great strategies in your daily routine. 

Remember, since you will be changing a few of your nutrition behaviors, you will want to allow yourself enough time to fully engage in the process and be successful.

Here are the topics that are covered throughout this course.

Learning Module 1

Changing Behavior, Health and Longevity

Learn how to best change behavior and the foundational principles associated with health and longevity.


Learning Module 2

Hallmarks of Aging

Learn the ten hallmarks of aging and how nutrition affects each one of them and why this is so important to know throughout the aging journey.

Learning Module 3

Functional Systems of the Body

Learn about the seven functional systems of the body and how nutrition interacts with them individually and as a whole.

Learning Module 4

Longevity Nutrition Plan - Part 1

Learn about Metabolic Efficiency Training and the first steps in the Longevity Nutrition Plan that Bob Seebohar developed. 

Learning Module 5

Longevity Nutrition Plan - Part 2

Learn the second part of Bob's Longevity Nutrition Plan.


Learning Module 6

Nutrition for Masters Athletes

Learn about the biological factors associated with aging in masters athletes and specific nutrition strategies to support them.

Learning Module 7

Testing and Longevity

Learn about the various physiological and biomarker tests that are beneficial and have scientific support for optimal health and longevity. 

Learning Module 8

Supplements and Longevity

Learn which supplements are beneficial and have scientific support for optimal health and longevity.

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