Eliminating GI Distress in Endurance Athletes


This LEARN-APPLY-ADAPT self-study course will help you identify your GI distress condition, provide strategies to improve digestive health and give you easy to follow nutrition strategies to significantly reduce or eliminate GI distress in your life.

From Bob Seebohar:

As a past sufferer of GI distress, I know how debilitating and uncomfortable it can be. My course will help you identify your GI distress condition and provide you a plan to improve your digestive health to rid your life of GI distress.




Learn about the digestive system and why and how GI distress conditions happen.


After identifying your GI condition, learn specific nutrition strategies to improve your digestive health and to rid your life of GI distress.


Learn specific nutrient timing strategies for GI distress and nutritional changes to make if you are a masters athlete. 


You’re just a few steps away from learning how to improve your digestive health and rid your life of the GI distress "monster".


Course Details

This self-study course provides you 8 learning modules chock full of information that you can actually use right now. You can progress through these at your own pace and convenience and implement the nutritional strategies when you are ready.

Once you have completed the first seven learning modules, you will find the last learning module as an "Apply and Adapt" section where you will take specific action steps to improve your digestive health and follow a nutrition plan specific for your individual GI condition.

Here are the learning modules that are presented in this course.


Learning Module 1

Introduction to Gastrointestinal (GI) Distress

Learn about GI distress in sport and more common distress symptoms.


Learning Module 2

The Digestive System

Learn the physiology of digestion including mechanical and chemical digestion, absorption and elimination.

Learning Module 3

Understanding the Types and Causes of Upper GI Distress: Part 1 and 2

Learn about five popular upper abdominal and six popular lower abdominal GI distress conditions, align your personal symptoms to identify which condition you may have and learn specific nutrition treatment options for each.

Learning Module 4

How to Improve Digestive Health

Learn five daily nutrition implementation strategies you can use to improve digestive health.



Learning Module 5

The Metabolic Efficiency GI Nutrition Plan

This module will teach you the foundational nutrition strategies to begin improving your digestive health and eliminating GI distress.


Learning Module 6

Nutrient Timing Strategies

Learn the special considerations regarding nutrient timing and GI distress and specific nutrient timing strategies to implement for GI distress.

Learning Module 7

GI Distress and Masters Athletes

Learn about the 11 biological changes that happen to the digestive system in masters athletes and specific nutrition strategies to implement to adapt to these changes.





Learning Module 8

Apply and Adapt

After engaging in all of the previous learning modules, you will be guided through the application steps to use for your specific GI distress symptoms or condition. This includes specific nutrition treatment strategies and a sample day meal plan to use as you begin your quest to eliminate GI distress. 

After you apply these strategies, specific adaptation guidelines will be provided so you can prepare for any future GI challenges.




Bob provided me with the tools to find what foods made me perform at my highest levels. All the bad habits I thought were normal for athletes went away and he helped heal my gut. Instead of fearing GI distress episodes during my runs, I knew exactly what to eat and when to eat ahead of time and during workouts. My confidence in training and competing returned.



I never thought I would get rid of my runners trots but Bob's nutrition strategies help my gut heal itself and I'm proud to say I don't have to look for bathrooms during my training runs anymore!



I thought my bloating was because of my menstrual cycle but with Bob's help, I was able to determine the underlying nutrition cause and fix my bloating issues. Now, I am symptom-free and training better than ever!


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