Our Youth and Junior Triathlon Team has two options: 1) Developmental, and 2) High Performance. Please read below for descriptions.


Annual Membership



Step 1: All team members are required to have an annual membership to participate in Team eNRG events and training sessions. This membership will be automatically placed on your account as a bill the first of each new year.

Developmental Team

Ages 8 -19


Our Youth and Junior Developmental team is for the younger triathlete and those who do not have interest in racing draft legal triathlons. All athletes will be trained for non-draft legal triathlon racing.

High Performance Team

Ages 13 - 19


Our Junior High Performance Triathlon team is for the triathlete who wants to focus on racing draft legal triathlons around the country. This team requires more of a commitment to training and racing.


U23 Team

Ages 20 - 23


More information coming soon.

Virtual Team

Ages 13 - 23


This training option is for team members who do not live in the Denver area but still want professional coaching to help achieve their goals.


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