Vitamin D Testing


Many athletes are unaware that vitamin D is not officially a vitamin but actually a pro-hormone. Roughly one-third of athletes have insufficient levels of vitamin D with a leading cause being lack of sun exposure. This is common in northern climates where but studies indicate that even athletes in regions with more sunshine are often deficient due to concerns about the ill effects of too much sun.

Sub-optimal vitamin D status is linked to increased risk for acute illness, inflammatory injury, stress fracture, muscle pain/weakness and sub-optimal muscle performance.


*This is a blood spot collection test.

Instructions for ordering this test

1. Choose your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian in the drop down box below and submit payment.

2. Your Sport Dietitian will contact you via email to confirm your address and we will mail the test collection kit to you.

3. Once you receive the collection kit, you will collect your sample and mail it to the lab for testing (pre-paid envelope is included).

4. Your Sport Dietitian will email you when he/she receives your results and will schedule your 10 minute nutrition coaching session to review the test results and help you with a nutrition plan that will help support your health and exercise performance related goals.

*includes a 10 minute nutrition coaching session with your eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian

Vitamin D Testing
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