Remote Training

Remote Training is available to any annual member of our triathlon team.  If you are not an annual member please register here first. Our Remote Training Program allows team members who are not local or who cannot attend weekly practices to receive professional coaching to help them achieve their goals. It is open for those age 13 - 23 who are training for non-draft and/or draft legal triathlons. The team member will choose one of the eNRG Performance Coaches and will work with him/her on an individual basis. Communication will include telephone, email, and text and team members will be expected to have a Training Peaks account. The eNRG Performance Coach will provide a periodization training plan that is tailored to meet your goals and will be based on your developmental level.

The team member will pay eNRG Performance a discounted monthly coaching fee.


For more information, contact Coach Bob Seebohar.

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