Read what some of our team parents have to say about our team.

Very rarely do young people get the opportunity to be coached by a true innovator and professional in their competitive sport. Even more rare is a man who values investing in his team to develop them as maturing young men and women with lessons and perspectives that will influence for the rest of their lives. But that is Coach Bob. To have such a top-level coach prepare their trainings, grind out the trainings alongside them, process their challenging points, and monitor their body dynamics throughout the entire process is incredible.

In addition, Bob’s cutting edge research and development of nutrition and training makes investing in his team feel like a true coach-parent partnership for my athlete. He knows each one uniquely which empowers him to bring motivation, training adaptations, and optimal performances for each racer. He holds them to a highly competitive standard while balancing the training regimens safely so developing young athletes do not overtrain. If you have an athlete who wants to take their racing to the next several levels, there is no better place than under Bob’s leadership.
— Dr. Trent B.

Read what some of our athletes have to say about their experiences. 

The eNRG Performance Triathlon Team played a very important role in molding me into the person/athlete that I am today. Coach Bob has not only been an outstanding coach but a life mentor to me and has given me skills that I will use not only in athletics but in my everyday life. The leadership under Coach Bob has bonded our team into a lifelong friendship. Throughout my past eight years of having several coaches, Coach Bob, is by far the most positive and impactful coach I’ve ever had. I will be forever grateful for the numerous experiences and memories that I’ve made with team. I am a better individual, student, and athlete due to what I’ve learned from the eNRG Performance Triathlon Team.
— Gianna H.
eNRG Performance has been a huge part of my life since a very young age. My teammates, especially my Coach (Bob), have made me a better athlete and person than I could have ever imagined. Coach Bob has taught me countless life lessons with experiences to back them up and that is a priceless gift. For that I am forever grateful for this team and Coach Bob.
— Will L.