It has been about 3 or 4 weeks since we spoke, and I am totally in shock at the difference your simple recommendations have made.

I know we spoke about my hard training days, and I mentioned I would struggle to meet my target watts for a lot of my intervals. Since eating more for my pre-ride meal I have been exceeding my targets week in week out. I am no longer absolutely exhausted at the end of each interval, in fact I finish them and I am ready to go for it on the next one, rather than being 20-30 watts off target I am 10-15 watts over target!!

I had a criterium last week, where my coach was super impressed with my power numbers given that it was my first crit. I set a new high for my one minute power. And in the race I won a prize for a fast lap. I actually feel like I could have podiumed that race but got boxed in at the final corner!

Then this Saturday I won the Mt Baldy Hill Climb in California for Cat 4!! And I feel like I could have gone faster!

Overall I just can't believe how much of a difference these simple changes have made. I am truly thankful! 

Kas, road cyclist

I bought your Nutrition Periodization for Athletes book and that's answering most of my questions from your Metabolic Efficiency Training: Teaching the Body to Burn More Fat book (which I bought at the USA Triathlon coaching clinic). I just want to tell you that I thought your talk was BS but intriguing nonetheless. I decided to try your methods expecting to bounce right back to my old ways.

Within a week, I lost 7 pounds. I'm now down 15 since the USAT Level I clinic in Nashville! And I'm riding and running long and riding hard, all without sports nutrition products, pasta, bread, potatoes, pancakes, etc!  My body fat has dropped from about 13% to under 10%, I've lost a couple inches in my waist, and my face, chest, arms, and quads are looking ripped!

I'm NOT going to bounce back to my old ways. And I'm not really missing the grains. In another month or so, I'll be adding portions back into my diet. I'm really having fun with this experiment. The results are quite dramatic, and as you say, the comments that I'm getting from my fellow athletes are quite welcomed and flattering. 

Sam S., Triathlete

I am so thankful for finding eNRG performance, Metabolic Efficiency Training and especially Dina Griffin this past summer while training for a second marathon.  I have suffered from GI issues for several years, getting so irritable, that sometimes I couldn't run a mile before needing to "run" back home.  

Dina listened to my nutrition and training needs/goals and she worked around that to create a periodized nutrition plan that gave me the energy to train, get through my normal daily life and run without issues.  More importantly, Dina brought enjoyment, confidence and freedom back to my running.  The tweaks we made to my already nutrition-focused eating was exactly what I needed and my racing and every-day energy results have never been better.  

PR's are great and I did accomplish that, but more important to me was being able to confidently reach my goals while enjoying the journey.  Thank you Dina!!

Vicki, age 49, runner

Working with Dina was fantastic. Her open ability to work around my busy life and the parameters within it were a big part of my success. She didn’t tell me what to eat but how to eat in order to achieve success within the sports I participate in while finding metabolic efficiency.

Dina rebuilt me from the ground up, setting me up for continued success. Her nutritional direction aided in my offseason keeping my race season plans on track at all times. I cannot recommend Fuel4mance enough for your nutritional needs and will continue to use their guidance for future events.

Wes, age 28, ultra-runner


I received more benefits from Dina’s consulting sessions than I imagined possible. I highly recommend buying the e-book and signing up for Dina’s consulting.  It will be the best money you have every spent. 

Before I worked with Dina I was researching Paleo, cleansing, and raw food diets. I liked the Paleo diet the best, but if I didn’t exercise for 2 days I would gain weight.  I knew something was missing and kept reading books and internet articles on nutrition until I found eNRG performance and the Metabolic Efficiency Training nutritional plan.  I purchased the e-book and knew this was the missing information. 

I signed up for the consulting sessions in order to tailor the information to my goals. I don’t want to be a Jr. Dietician; I only want to know how to operate in my life. Dina answered all of my nutrition questions. She has the rare talent to tailor very technical information to your level.  She makes the information understandable and easy to act on.  I learned what a carbohydrate to protein ratio is, how to create the 1:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio in my meals for a maintenance meal and when to eat a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio meal to fuel my training sessions.  I also learned how to stabilize my blood sugar throughout the day, increase my fat burning ability and how to apply nutrition periodization to my daily meal plan.  It was much easier than I anticipated and I felt better within days of applying Dina’s suggestions. 

Dina’s consulting sessions were the turning point for me to eliminate my emotional eating habits. Once I learned what my body needed I could identify all other eating as emotional. Dina helped me with tips on meal planning, recipe gathering and food preparation. As I learned how to increase my fat burning ability, I immediately felt better. 

Now I am relieved and confident about my nutritional lifestyle.  Relieved that I know how to fuel my body for all types of activities and confident I am making the lifestyle changes.  I enjoy my meals knowing I will feel good after eating them.  I lost weight during the consulting sessions and am confident on losing the rest. I don’t have the 3 pm slump anymore; I am alert all afternoon.  It feels wonderful.  I don’t get overly hungry, especially before dinner.  I know I can fix nutritious food that will maintain a healthy blood sugar level and will prepare me for my next exercise session.  I feel the best I ever have and highly recommend the Metabolic Efficiency Training program.  

Theresa, recreational athlete

I have been a runner for a few years.   I never really felt I could reach some of the goals I had in mind.   Every week I went through the motions and finished my runs, or strength sessions.    Everything seemed to be the same, regardless of effort.   Honestly, I thought I was doing all the right things.    Obviously, I was wrong.  

In January, of this year, I made the choice to focus on nutrition.   I don't mean pre, during, or post workout.   I mean the goal was to work on daily nutrition and make the necessary changes that would change things.    

On January 1, I had my consult with Dina and we discussed my usually food choices and patterns.   I was prepared to have a complete overhaul, but it turned out to be quite different, refreshing actually.   She actually showed me the foods I really enjoy and how to use them to my advantage.   We talked about how to pair the carbs and proteins, while increasing my fat intake. Huh?   That conversation was the beginning of my great education.

On January 2, I weighed in at 179 pounds.   I was wearing jeans with a 34 inch waist.   By pairing my foods properly, and controlling my "misses" I was wearing 32's by the end of January. I was losing weight, and inches, but I wasn't losing energy or strength.   I actually found myself running faster, longer, and stronger.   For 4 months I worked closely with Dina, logging my meals and explaining the ice cream obsession.  Dina kept encouraging me and educated me at the same time.   On April 28th, I rolled into Oklahoma City weighing 163 and carrying a pretty hefty goal for that half marathon.   Ultimately, I wanted to hit 1:45, but anything under 2 was good.    I actually ran a 13 minute PR that day.  Nutritionally I felt great.   My legs felt good.   Don't get me wrong, my training plan was great, but there is no way I could've done the work with cheeseburgers and sundaes.   Dina helped me find the foods that I liked, and would work for my system.   

Combined with a great running coach, Dina helped me achieve things I never thought possible.   I continue to use that knowledge and continue to improve.   Her dietary guidelines, and my training, are leading me into another half marathon PR this month.

Glenn, age 45

In 5 short weeks, Dina helped me achieve my training goal of understanding how to "fuel the machine" for athletic performance.  eNRG performance uses the approach that we are athletes AND people with lives outside of our sport.  Dina started by understanding me nutritionally, personally and athletically then worked with me to build on my strengths while helping me find balance between my life and my athletic goals.  Dina was nonjudgmental and supportive; she gave me great tools that fit my lifestyle and eating preferences that I never would have come up with on my own.  Dina explained the concept of metabolic efficiency in a way that made sense and reinforced her message through our weekly telephone conversations and electronic support, which in turn built commitment to sustain the changes I was making.  The empirical evidence:  I ran a 4 minute PR for a 10k race on February 17.  Attention to nutrition was the only change I made in the weeks leading up to the race.

Finally, the surprise benefit of the nutrition changes I’ve made has been a dramatic improvement in energy and concentration throughout my day, not just during physical activity. Attention to protein and carbohydrate ratio intake and learning about metabolic efficiency is something everyone should consider.

Kate (43, runner)

“Never have I enjoyed working with such a great professional!  Dina takes a personal and professional approach, backed by lifestyle and race tested experience, in working with and supporting me in obtaining my objectives.  I place great value in her vigilant approach, taking the time to learn about me and my personal challenges and in turn educated me at a level I could use in life and in sport.  She made an otherwise incredibly challenging area for me important and the process remains fun and engaging.   

Further, her cerebral athletic tested approach gave me a significant noticeable change in my performance and comfort in racing which has advanced my overall health and has empowered me in both my training and racing.  Her expertise has given me great confidence at endurance athletics coupled with a great foundation in my nutritional approach in life.”

Ron (age 45, runner/cyclist) 

After struggling with severe GI distress for 14 years because of undiagnosed celiac disease I was ready to quit long course triathlon. I was not able to perform to my full potential due to nutritional failures. Within 3 months of eating the metabolic efficiency way and careful guidance from Dina on race day nutrition I was able to totally turn around my training and racing to become a totally new triathlete. I went from not being able to finish a 70.3 distance race without GI distress and nutritional blunders to a top 10% overall finish at IM 70.3 World Championships followed by 2nd place overall finish 3 weeks later at another 70.3 distance event.

Absolutely amazing stuff and gave me the shock of my life. Looking forward to continued improvements and success under the eNRG performance nutrition program. I cannot thank you enough as this was life changing stuff for me.

Chris, triathlete

As an amateur distance runner and sometime triathlete, I recently realized that GI issues and bonking during a race were becoming a pattern for me...something new.  Since I had never had these issues before, entering the new 60+ age group category probably meant that I needed to re-tool my diet plan.  I worked with Dina and within a very short time I had all issues under control.  She reeducated me on my hydration plan during long runs based on her calculations of my body weight loss after a number of runs.   

My daily meal plan was tweaked to provide more sensible options.  She guided me toward specific foods to choose instead of choices I had been making.  With her specific instructions on what, how much and when to eat, my performance and overall health changed.  I think Dina really helped me to become stronger and healthier not just as a runner but as a fit "older" person!  Dina's advice on improving my immune system has definitely kept me healthier than most.  I appreciated most of all, her personal concern and positive support before and after my marathon.  I went into the race with a very clear race strategy for fueling.  It was perfectly calculated and worked flawlessly on a very challenging & very hot race day.  Dina is great to work with and I highly recommend her!

Terri (age 60+!)

I contacted Dina at eNRG performance in hopes of being able to find a way to do my long runs and races without encountering the GI issues that I had previously experienced. Dina was able to help me tailor my eating to best fuel my body to help achieve my athletic goals and also to maintain a healthy weight when I was in a more "maintenance" training cycle.  

The suggestions she made really helped increase my performance! Her weekly calls were packed with suggestions to help overcome eating habits that weren't necessarily healthy and as an athlete herself, her first hand knowledge of issues I was experiencing was invaluable. Dina really practices what she preaches! The way the information is presented is easy to understand and incredibly easy to implement.

Dina helped me set goals that were measurable and encouraged me with suggestions to achieve those goals! I highly recommend eNRG performance to help you achieve your goals whether they be increased performance, weight loss or simply better health. 


Annabet, 37 (runner)

“As a marathon runner & triathlete I had always been diligent with monitoring my training, pre-race, racing and post-race nutrition.  For years I had been implementing and using carbohydrates to take me to the next level.  I have been working with Bob for 6 months and can not believe the results that I have achieved in such a short period of time.”

“My body has become a metabolic machine burning more of my fat stores and relying less on my carbohydrate stores.  Not only is my training more effective but my race results are continuing to drop.  What I am so excited about is that I no longer need to carbo load before races and my morning routine is less cumbersome, meaning a little extra time to sleep.  I will never go back my old nutritional habits, I'm loving the feeling & results achieved by utilizing Bob's expert nutritional advice.  Thanks Bob for helping me to reach further into my physical potential.”

She also lost 14 pounds through her metabolic efficiency journey.

From your help and suggestions I reached the podium at the 70.3 in Boulder and just got an elusive Kona spot I have been seeking all from nutrition.  I burn 450 an hour rather than 900 and in 97 degree heat it was so awesome to be able to run and just drink cola and have plenty of energy.  I had the 3rd fastest run in tough conditions with limited run training this year.

So off to Hawaii based on your knowledge and research.  Very happy you took the time to write a book.

Since adopting your principles over a year ago I have experienced so much positive success. In addition to being 10 pounds lighter, my body is so much more metabolically efficient than it once was. I can't begin to tell you how this has changed my training and racing!!! I recently completed an Ironman taking in about 150-160 calories an hour on the bike and 50 calories an hour on the run. I finished in 9:58. I had zero stomach issues and I finished feeling strong - I even posted my fastest IM marathon time and bike split as of yet. 

Many of my other IM athletes are also becoming believers; I had four athletes complete the same IM with similar nutrition plans. You do a great job communicating these concepts and I want to thank you for changing my racing and training experience. You rock Bob!!!

After a tumultous relationship with food, endurance sports and GI issues, Bob Seebohar and his Nutrition Periodization concepts helped me find a real life solution!  In my most recent challenge (Ride the Rockies), the insights from Bob's book and seminar presentations guided me to really concentrate on simplifying my eating and reducing fiber for the days leading into the ride's start.  During the ride, I ate early, often, late, and often again.  

The focus of my caloric intake was based on foods that I knew I could easily digest and NEVER letting my blood sugar levels fall.  I can say without hesitation that Bob's guidance was a foundation for my enjoyment of riding across Colorado for a week.  More specifically, the Nutrition Periodization guidelines gave me clear insight into how much to eat and when to chow it down.  Thanks Bob!  

Michael B., cyclist, triathlete

I would like to tell you how much I appreciate your advice regarding my diet.   I am a weight class athlete who has always struggled to lose the pound or two that I was over, I am so pleased to be maintaining my weight where I need to be.

I think that your methods are great.  I really feel like I am in control of my choices and that you helped me to set reasonable and attainable goals and a realistic list of food choices.  You took a very cooperative approach with helping me eliminate and add foods to my diet that really helped me feel in control.  I think this is vital to my success!

Thank you again for your outstanding assistance!!  

Lindsey H., weightlifter, 48kg class

The metabolic efficiency program definitely worked, at 42 years old, I was in the best shape of my life and I had numerous people comment on how fit I looked. It helped me fuel and recover from the workouts I needed to prepare for Worlds Toughest Mudder. I was already had a decent fitness level, but was able to go to a new level. 

Corey M., Worlds Toughest Mudder Championships Competitor

I am thrilled to report that I had a very successful Master's Track Nationals.  I won the 500 Meter Time Trial for my age division (50-54 years old), set a national and world record of 39.3 and I placed second in the 2 Kilometer Pursuit.   

I want to thank you for the nutrition consult and recommendations for my pre and post training/race nutrition - I believe your recommendations were an important part of my success.  Your recommendations will be a part of my nutrition plan if I decide to compete again in 2010.  


Rita, track cyclist

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