One of the greatest mysteries for any endurance athlete is the quantity of sodium and fluid they should consume each hour during training and competition.  eNRG Performance can now solve this mystery for you!  With a simple sweat sodium concentration test combined with meticulous sweat rate testing, our Sport Dietitians will accurately measure your normal sweat sodium concentration and provide a customized sodium and hydration plan for you to use during training and competition.  The best part is that this test does not require you getting on a treadmill or bike.  Plan for a 1 hour appointment at any time of the day and don't worry about bringing exercise clothes!

Your appointment will include a 45 minute meeting with an eNRG Performance Sport Dietitian, sweat sodium concentration testing, and a full interpretation and hourly sodium and fluid recommendations.

Information About the Test

  • This is a non-exercise test.
  • The purpose of this test is to determine the concentration of sodium in your sweat, extrapolated per liter of sweat volume. This tells us how “salty” your sweat is.
  • To collect the sweat sample, we use your inner forearm to activate the sweat glands via a light electrical current and a non-toxic chemical gel.  A medical grade analyzer will measure your sweat sodium concentration immediately, so you have results right away.
  • Because your sweat sodium concentration is largely genetically determined, this is a one-time test. You do not need to repeat this testing.

Test Preparation

  • Try to avoid exercise in the 2 hours prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Arrive at your appointment adequately hydrated.
  • There is no need to fast for this appointment.
  • If you have hairy forearms, please know we may ask you to shave a portion of your inner forearm for the application of the equipment.
  • If you have current sweat rate data to indicate your typical fluid losses, please bring your information to the appointment.  Click HERE for the instructions on how to do your own sweat rate testing.

eNRG investment: $159


Testimonial from an Ironman triathlete...

I am an age group triathlete that is training for an Ironman distance race. During my training and shorter races I often experience bouts of cramping. The cramps are most often in my calf and hamstrings. I have tried a number of remedies without success. I have to admit that I do sweat very heavy and quite honestly I am usually drier stepping out of the shower than after a run. 

I looked to eNRG Performance for an answer. After a nutritional consultation and even a Metabolic Efficiency Test, which both have definitely improved my performance and lifestyle, I was guided to perform the sweat sodium/hydration test as a way to halt the cramps. A week prior to the test the only preparation was to weigh myself before and after a workout. I did this for all three triathlon disciplines (Swim, Bike, and Run). I provided  these results to Coach Bob in order to be prepared for test day. 

The day I took the sweat test which is completely harmless and pain free things changed. After I did the test Coach Bob had the results immediately and then we had a conversation about what the results meant and how I needed to adjust my sodium intake while exercising. 

Coach Bob provided me with a prescription that details how much sodium per hour I need to be consuming. These are different based on the type of exercise, so basically I sweat the most during running therefore I need to take in more sodium on the run than I do before I swim. Once I started the prescription the advice did not stop as Coach Bob continued to check in with me to ensure the prescription was working and if any adjustments were needed. 

Since I have dialed in my sodium intake I have yet to have one single cramping incident! I highly recommend any athlete that has issues with cramping or dehydration during their sport to come into eNRG Performance and have a consultation with Coach Bob or one of the Sports Dietitians on staff. 

Shawn S.

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