Efficient eNRG

Efficient eNRG

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This is the highest level of nutrition service that eNRG performance offers. We have learned throughout the years that it really does take at least 3 months to develop, change and successfully begin a nutritional behavior change so we set this program with those goals in mind. Work with your Sport Dietitian on a very frequent basis so accountability and motivation are high and ensure that there are no slips from making your continued progress towards your health and performance goals.  It includes the following:

  • Initial 45 minute consultation
  • 45 minute consultation at week 2
  • Email communication at week 3
  • Email communication at week 4
  • 45 minute consultation at week 5
  • 45 minute consultation at week 6
  • Email communication at week 7
  • Email communication at week 8
  • 45 minute consultation at week 9
  • 45 minute consultation at week 10
  • Email communication at week 11
  • 45 minute phone consultation at week 12
  • Unlimited email with your Sport Dietitian throughout the 12 weeks

*Note: this option may require that you submit blood work results to your eNRG Sport Dietitian for review prior to starting.

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