Muscle Fuel Testing


eNRG Performance now measures substrate storage as well as substrate oxidation. To measure substrate storage, we use ultrasound technology to measure body composition (fat storage) and muscle glycogen (carbohydrate storage). To measure substrate oxidation (aka-burning), we use the best metabolic cart on the market to employ our Metabolic Efficiency™ Testing (fat and carbohydrate oxidation). It really is the best of both worlds!

Come have the amount of fat and carbohydrates you store and burn at eNRG Performance.


By using the MuscleSound® ultrasound technology, we are able to look into your muscles in a non-invasive manner to determine how depleted your muscle glycogen stores are, if you are in a state of optimal readiness for training, and if your muscles are recovering well from your training load. With each Muscle Fuel Test, there are three measures that are taken: 1) Estimated Fuel Level, 2) Muscle Fuel Symmetry, and 3) Muscle Fuel Rating.

Glycogen is the internal storage of carbohydrates. The muscles store the majority of gIycogen in your body. If your muscles are low in glycogen, there is a high likelihood that you will not reach your training goals, objectives, and proper progression. The Estimated Fuel Level measurement provides a measure of how full your glycogen tank is. With this information,  you can determine what training, recovery, and nutrition changes need to be made to optimize your performance. This is a great piece of information to know going into a training session as well afterwards to determine how depleted the session leaves you.

The Muscle Fuel Symmetry measurement will provide a bilateral (both right and left muscles) picture of muscle glycogen storage. If asymmetries are found, this could signify a potential risk of injury due to improper movement patterns or a dominant side favoring situation.

The Muscle Fuel Rating is a system that is used to compare your last 30 days of measurements to track the trends of your training and nutrition. By knowing these trends, you can plan more appropriately for important training sessions or competitions that are coming up in the future. This measurement helps us help you optimize your nutrition plan more successfully to peak for your key competitions.

Of course, all of this is associated with your daily and training nutrition patterns and that is where eNRG Performance excels. As Sport Dietitians, we specialize in helping athletes customize their daily nutrition and nutrient timing strategies to optimize health and performance while meeting goals such as losing weight and body fat.  After we quantitatively measure your Muscle Fuel, we then able to provide you a periodized nutrition plan that will meet whatever health and performance goals you have.

We have a saying at eNRG Performance, “Test, don’t guess.” The only true way to find out what is happening inside your body is to have it measured. We are excited to be using this new piece of technology to better help athletes create an enhanced awareness of their bodies from the inside out.