We care about your needs. If you have questions regarding which of our services to choose, please feel free to email or call us. We would be happy to spend a few minutes helping you to determine which nutrition and/or testing package would be ideal for your health and performance goals.

24-hour cancellation policy: we politely request athletes contact their Sport Dietitian/Exercise Physiologist at least 24 hours in advance to cancel appointments.  If appointments are cancelled less than 24 hours beforehand, the scheduled consultation will be billed.

Performance eNRG

This testing is perfect for the endurance athlete wanting to know more about their body from a quantitative standpoint. Via measuring the body's lactate clearing capacity in the blood, we will determine if your current training program has been correct in supporting your training goals and which energy system needs a bit more work to help you achieve your goals. Additionally, we will determine where your lactate threshold point is and prescribe individual heart rate, power and/or pace training zones so you can train smarter for optimal performance.

You will either bring your own bike or run on our treadmill. You will communicate this with Bob Seebohar prior to the test. Please be sure to bring your heart rate monitor with you. Your testing appointment will take approximately 90 minutes and can be done anytime during the day with a 2 - 3 hour fast beforehand.

Performance eNRG
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