Jackie is a Registered Dietitian with a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of New Mexico. She completed her dietetic internship at the University of New Mexico and then moved to Colorado soon after she completed her internship in search of bigger adventures.

Jackie lives her life based on three things: food, fitness and fun. She is an avid mountain biker, snowboarder, runner, hiker, weight lifter and rock climber. She also enjoys team sports, especially softball, flag football and volleyball. When she isn’t spending time outside or being active, you can find her creating and cooking meals in the kitchen.

Growing up as a Special Forces Army Brat, Jackie’s life as a child and teenager always revolved around health. From family bike rides to team sports and home cooked meals around the dinner table, Jackie has always had a passion for nutrition and fitness. Strength and conditioning started for her at age 14, during varsity softball, and continued through her teenage years with the guidance of her father. Jackie’s first job was at a Gold’s Gym, and she became interested in having a career in fitness. But, like a lot of young adolescents, Jackie started engaging in disordered eating behaviors and developed a negative body image. Workouts and having the “perfect” body became an obsession. Fortunately, Jackie found a well balanced nutrition program that supported her health and body image goals while figuring out what she could do for a career in fitness.

Learning about the human body and how nutrition affects sport performance was enough for Jackie to know she wanted to pursue a career in sports nutrition. Jackie was able to look at her own behaviors from an educated perspective and with time, was able to help herself with optimal nutrition, while becoming comfortable in her own healthy body.



In my son Reese’s assessment from his baseball coaching staff, they talked to him about adding weight to help increase his power. Going through Catalyst Sports we were introduced to Sport Dietitian Jackie Robertson and eNRG Performance. After an initial meeting with Jackie, Reese was off on his quest to start eating better with the intention of adding about 10 pounds of muscle going into next season. Reese and Jackie talked each week and she helped him set goals and plan his meals and most importantly, fix his eating habits. She explained to Reese why it was important to eat throughout the day, not skipping meals, etc… if nothing else than to just keep his blood sugar balanced throughout the day. Jackie made sure that Reese was staying on track (we as parents didn’t have to remind him to do anything she was telling him). So far Reese has already made some great gains in both weight and strength and is expected to not only meet, but exceed his initials goals prior to the upcoming baseball season. He was also suffering from headaches and fatigue prior to working with Jackie, and those issues have cleared up as well. We can’t thank Jackie enough for putting Reese on the right path to nutrition, strength, stamina, and just basic healthful eating.
— Rob R.