Confused about how to help your young athlete eat better?

Join our community and help your young athlete eat better for proper cognitive and physical development and sport participation.


From Bob Seebohar:

As a father and Sport Dietitian, I know how to teach you how to feed your young athlete throughout their developmental journey to optimize their cognitive and physical development and performance as a student and an athlete.





Interact with other parents to gain valuable resources and support.


Learn specific, pubertal, gender and sport-specific nutrition skills and strategies to help your young athlete succeed.



Have continual access to Bob Seebohar along the way.

If you are frustrated because your young athlete isn't eating what you think they should be, is always tired or isn't playing to their best potential - I can help.

Yes, it is that simple and I have done it for hundreds of young athletes and families over the last two decades.

For the first time ever, I have created a community where I will teach and guide you, the parent, on how to best feed your young athlete.

I have a proven system with years of success stories and I want to share it with you now in the "How to Feed Young Athletes" Community.


Read what other parents have to say.


I was so frustrated that my son (a competitive swimmer) was not eating the way I knew he should. He wouldn't listen to me or his coach. When we started working with Bob, my son instantly changed his habits. Bob's methods and approach are so simple and easy for parents and young athletes to understand.

-Chris P.


My son (a football and basketball player) needed to gain weight. We weren't having much success until Bob started working with us and gave us a very easy to follow nutrition plan that accounted for my son's school and practice schedule and his developmental level (puberty). Bob was amazing at making nutrition easy to understand and implement!

-Lindsey H.


My son plays competitive soccer and recently dropped weight (not on purpose). We worked with Bob to help him gain lean mass and improve his athletic performance. Bob was instrumental in teaching my son strategies that he could do in very challenging environments such as during school and before practices. Thanks to Bob for his help!

-Tracy S.


Bob has been great! We have been able to make some positive changes in my son’s daily nutrition without him feeling like he is being deprived of his favorite foods. We have enjoyed the interaction and working with Bob.

-Lyla S.

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