Heidi is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD) and Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) who comes to eNRG Performance from Seattle, Washington.

Heidi graduated with a triple degree in Dietetics, Nutrition in Sports & Exercise, and Exercise Science, from Seattle Pacific University in Seattle, Washington. She completed her Dietetic Internship in Illinois, and moved back to Seattle in early 2014 to begin her career as a Registered Dietitian.

Heidi has spent most of her professional career at Experience Momentum, a functional wellness clinic in Lynnwood, Washington, where she worked with clients in both nutrition and fitness coaching. Heidi specializes in sports and performance nutrition, oncology nutrition, sustainability, and plant-based eating. She works with high school, collegiate, and adult team sports, CrossFit athletes, and endurance athletes, including runners, triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, and obstacle course racers. As an endurance athlete herself, Heidi’s primary focus is with endurance athletes.

It was Heidi’s experience as an athlete that led her to nutrition. An interest in the human body and physical performance inspired her initial plan to pursue a career in physical therapy. However, once she began competing in college, she became fascinated by the connection between nutrition and performance, and changed the direction of her studies.

Heidi is an avid, passionate and competitive athlete and outdoors enthusiast. She began playing soccer at the age of three, which carried her into college on a scholarship at Seattle Pacific University. She transitioned to running collegiate track and cross country during her junior year after discovering the world of long distance running. After college, Heidi took her love for running and passion for the outdoors to the trails of her hometown in Salt Lake City, where she picked up ultra-running and trail racing, and remains highly competitive on the trails today. Since 2015, Heidi has focused on triathlons, specifically the 70.3 distance, and hopes to complete a full IronMan in 2019. 

For fun, Heidi competes in show shoe racing and Cyclocross and road racing. She also loves yoga, CrossFit, cross country and alpine skiing, backpacking, and rock climbing. When at home, you can find Heidi creating new recipes from scratch, reading a good book, and playing with her dog.

Heidi loves empowering and educating her clients, and walking with them as they chase and achieve their goals. She believes in, and practices, a whole food approach to nutrition. “Regardless of what eating lifestyle you prescribe to, the majority of your food should be whole, unprocessed, foods. Food is medicine. Each person is different, and there is not a single diet that will work for everyone. Your ‘diet’ shouldn’t stress you out, make you feel restricted or guilty, or prevent you from enjoying food in community; it should make you feel good, feel happy, feel powerful and strong. I recommend balance, variety, and moderation in any eating style. My daily intake mostly consists of nutritious whole foods rich in fiber, probiotics, healthy fats, and lean proteins, but anyone who knows me also knows I love a good donut and wood-fired pizza.”


Great introductory information. Heidi is very knowledgeable and I like that she takes a simplistic stance; you don’t need to buy all the fancy products. Thanks!
— Nicholas Mollenholt, cyclist
We would like to thank you for helping our daughter prepare for her big adventure back east to play high level ice hockey.  The help she received regarding nutrition and meal planning been a huge help with managing her Diabetes and her blood sugars have become more stable due to it.  She has even been able to help her little sister on some of her choices for food to help with her endurance.
— The Alvord Family, hockey
I’ve done two more open water swims, each for a full mile. Both times I improved my time since Nationals. The first time by 5 minutes and I was convinced my GPS was off or it was just a weird current that had helped me out. So 3 days later I repeated the drill and that time I was 6 mins faster! Yes, my technique and skills have improved but I don’t think I would have gotten that much faster had I not worked with you. So THANK YOU!
— Shannon Middleton, triathlete
I recently competed in my first triathlon and it was also my first half Ironman race. I was nervous about many things leading up to the race but one thing I wasn’t worried about was nutrition and fueling. Heidi had me dialed in for race day and the months leading up to the race. I felt the best I have in years and felt prepared to do my best. No way my body would have been able to handle the mileage of the race without proper fueling and nutrition thanks to Heidi. She is simply a genius!
— Geoff Gabler, triathlete
Finding a trustworthy, knowledgeable resource in Heidi to answer questions and guide me on a path to continued success. An infinite amount of advice about nutrition is available from various sources, but I found it hard to know what is accurate and healthy, and what will work for my lifestyle without help from Heidi. Heidi’s unwavering support and encouragement was also invaluable. She believed in me many times when I wanted to give up because I’d reached a plateau.
— Megan Ferguson, competitive rower
I want to give a shout out to Heidi and recommend her service to you. Her knowledge and demeanor make it easy to work with her. Along with the expertise in nutrition, Heidi was able to advise me in my training regimen leading up to my completion of a Spartan Ultra Beast Race this summer. The Spartan Ultra is 26+ miles of trail running with over 60 obstacles interspersed throughout. It took me over 11 hours to complete but the good part was my nutrition plan was ON POINT. I never waivered in my energy level and that is a direct result from Heidi’s nutrition counsel and plan for me. It was almost magical. If Heidi can help a client like me conquer an Ultra Beast I am confident she can help you with your nutritional needs as well. I am continuing to work with her on some new goals and will keep you posted!
— Michael Lee, Masters Obstacle course athlete
Currently, I am training to complete Ironman Arizona. I have been working extensively with Heidi Strickler throughout the year to lose weight and maintain muscle mass while I train. She has me on a specific meal plan for endurance athletes and, since March 2017, I’ve lost 36 pounds while increasing my endurance and maintaining my muscle mass. Not only that, but when I’m “stuck”, she helps me look for alternatives and work through cravings. If I bonk on a ride, I can rely on her to help me figure out where I went wrong and what I need to fix nutritionally for the next long ride.
— Angie Anderson, Ironman athlete
Heidi helped me so much with understanding the complexity of sport with appropriate (and unique to the individual’s goals) nutrition, so that I could adjust my body’s composition safely and effectively. My body has responded amazingly well and I think a lot of it has to do with Heidi’s advice. So thank you, Heidi! So to the athlete who has struggled against the scale with the added stress of competition, I firmly recommend seeing Heidi!
— Niki Weiss, Cat 1 cyclist
I was extremely over weight and in need of nutrient information to help me make a life change and not another diet. I had an appointment with Heidi Strickler a register dietitian nutritionist. From the first appointment Heidi made me feel at ease. I thought it was going to be a typical lecture of what I was doing wrong, but instead she offered ideas to incorporate into my menu and make easy changes. When it came time to take measurements I did not want to know any of my numbers just progress made, and Heidi did as I asked and kept them to herself. My next visit I was still hesitate to tell Heidi my menu and what I ate ( still in the mind set this was a diet) I quickly got over that when I learned that I had lost some weight and I really didn’t make huge changes in my diet. I made sure that I incorporated some of the changes and ate the amount of meals that Heidi suggested. I started my journey July 2016 and at my last weight in Feb 2017 I had lost 23% body fat. I still didn’t want to know all the numbers because I still have a long journey ahead of me, and I don’t want to rest and celebrate one milestone. If you are ready to make a life style change and lose some weight I would recommend making an appointment with Heidi and have her with you on your journey.
— Charlotte Ishmael, weight loss
My husband and I really enjoyed our time spent with Heidi. We were nervous about being put on an extremely restrictive diet or on powdered food. We were pleasantly surprised about the education that we received about the foods that we were able to eat and how we could sustain healthy living habits. We both lost weight and inches that we are confident that we’ll both keep off. Thank you Heidi!
— Tenille and Cory Osborne, CrossFit
As I was getting back into triathlon training, I met with Heidi Strickler to address nutrition. Her plan was easy to follow, was tailored to my lifestyle and personal goals and totally worked! I got leaner while still maintaining great energy levels throughout endurance training and during the race. I am not an elite triathlete but it still made a huge difference in how I felt and would recommend her to anyone!
— Elisa Roth, triathlete