Genomic Cardiometabolic Health

Genomic Cardiometabolic Health


Heart disease is the leading cause for death around the world, and it is preventable. No two individuals have the same genotype, and men and women differ in how genes impact areas related to cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome.

This comprehensive panel, with gender-specific reports based on 170 gene and 515 variant interpretations, provides personalized nutrigenomic strategies that affect the following areas:

Lipid Metabolism, Glucose Utilization & Metabolism, Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension, Inflammation, Circadian Rhythm, Stress Response, Methylation/Homocysteine, Nutrient Utilization, Thyroid Function, Oxidative Stress, Hormones involved in Appetite, Eating Behaviors, and Fat Deposition.