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Bob Seebohar, MS, RDN, CSSD, CSCS, METS II    eNRG Performance

Bob Seebohar, MS, RDN, CSSD, CSCS, METS II

eNRG Performance


Food and mood

This 6-week program will not resemble anything you have done in the past. Why? Because for the first time ever, we are combining the expertise of Bob Seebohar, Registered/Sport Dietitian with Ricki Walker, Licensed Psychologist and Mental Performance Coach, to be your professional guides in your weight loss journey.

We all know that success in losing weight requires a change in nutritional habits and behavior change. One is not more important than the other so we have combined the talents of Bob and Ricki to ensure that we approach your weight loss goal from the mind and the body.

Bob and Ricki will assess your food and behavior then provide customized nutrition and mental strategies that you will implement during the 6-week program to really get at the root cause of your Food and Mood challenges. After identifying these “road blocks”, you will be given a Food and Mood plan customized to your needs, lifestyle and goals.

Each week, you will have a 45 minute meeting (in-person, phone, or Skype) with us. The first, third, and fifth week will be with Bob and the second, fourth, and sixth week will be with Ricki. With your permission and consent, Bob and Ricki will collaborate each week on your progress to ensure they are providing the best possible service to you!

At the end of the 6-week program, we will provide you an action plan that will include our recommendations for continuing your journey!

Have more questions about our Food and Mood program? Feel free to email Bob or Ricki. We would love to communicate with you beforehand to ensure we are a right fit for your needs and goals.

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Food and Mood 6-week program
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Ricki Walker, PhD, CMPC

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