This is the era for personalized nutrition. No matter where you are in your health and athletic journey, it is never too late to seek the individual guidance of a Registered Dietitian/Sport Dietitian to take you to the next level.

Since earning her Master of Science degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Colorado State University, Dina has worked as Registered Dietitian and Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics in the clinical, outpatient, and private practice settings. She is also certified by the International Society of Sports Nutrition and is a Certified Level II Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist.

Dina works with numerous health and medical conditions including pre-diabetes, insulin resistance, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS, celiac disease, metabolic syndrome, overweight/obesity, heart disease, Hashimoto’s, and hypothyroidism.

For those individuals focused on fitness and athletic pursuits, Dina works with a wide range of clientele including recreational and elite short- and middle/long distance runners, triathletes, cyclists (off-road and road), ultra athletes and adventure racers. She has helped athletes in numerous areas that affect health and athletic performance such as body re-composition, resolving gastrointestinal issues during training and competition, devising competition fueling/hydration, supplementation for health and ergogenic purposes, assessments for micronutrient deficiencies, and issues related to the female athlete triad. She is well-versed in Nutrition Periodization and Metabolic Efficiency Training™ principles and implementation strategies.

Dina has been featured on podcasts and webinars by Endurance Planet, SwimBikeMom, Trail Runner Nation, The Wholeistic Athlete, and Generation UCAN. She has been included as a panelist for her nutrition expertise at the U.S. Trail Running annual conferences and the Nutritional Therapy Association annual conference. She has co-authored e-books with Bob Seebohar and is a contributor author to the recently published book “Cycling Science”, along with serving as a professional reference for several sport-related magazines.

Dina likes to ‘walk the talk’ and as such, is a competitive half marathon, marathon, and ultra runner, age group triathlete, and cyclist where she has earned top placement and age group wins in several events. For other leisure activities, she enjoys hiking, snowshoeing and angling. Some notable athletic accomplishments and achievements include the Leadville 100 trail run, the Comrades ultra race in South Africa (earning a bronze medal), Ironman Coeur D’Alene (12:14 for her 1st IM in 2013), Boston Marathon (sub 3:25 finish), NYC Marathon (3:26 finish), the San Francisco North Face Endurance Run 50k, and the Mount Evans Hill Climb. She is also proud to have served as a guide for Diane Berberian at the USAT Paratriathlon World Championships in London in 2013. Additionally, she has enjoyed crewing and pacing for athletes at events such as the Badwater 135 in Death Valley, UTMB/CCC races in France, Tor de Geants in Italy, and the Leadville 100 MTB race.

Nutrition is not a "one size fits all”, nor are there any magic bullets. When you’re ready to take the plunge, prioritize your health, or take your athletic performance to a new level, contact Dina to start the next chapter of your personalized nutrition journey.  Let’s strategize to overcome your obstacles and get you closer to your short- and long-term goals in a realistic and healthful manner.  



As i was preparing for the upcoming season, i hoped to become more fat adapted.  I reached out to eNRG Performance and in particular, Dina Griffin, to assist me with this process.  despite being 1,000+ miles away, Dina worked right alongside me with multiple texts, phone calls and emails guiding me through the process and greatly improving my nutrition, both race nutrition and everyday nutrition. Although she has numerous clients, I always felt like I was her only client.  Metabolic Efficiency testing was instrumental and I would highly recommend doing it as i gives you the road map to your race day nutrition.  My career best race happened while working with Dina. -Tim

Working with Dina has not only changed nutrition in my triathlon racing, but also my daily eating. After my first Ironman I knew I needed to make some nutritional changes.  I needed to become more lean. She has guided me realistically and has helped me look at food in a much healthier way.  I no longer “diet", it is now my way of eating. With the changes in my eating it has also helped me improve my race performances.  I no longer need tons of calories. I completed my second IM this year and was able to maintain consistent healthy nutrition with out the sugar crashes while racing with far fewer calories.  -Nikki

Around this time last year, after finishing a 50k trail foot race and while planning my schedule for 2017, the question arose: if I want to keep running Ultras and increasing distances, what else do I have to do? That’s when my running coach suggested getting in touch with Dina at eNRG Performance, in order to work on my nutrition. After our initial conversations, she had me set up picture and descriptive food logs in order to register my intakes and expenditures, patiently guiding and teaching me to make better food combinations and choices. Resulting in a significant reduction on my body fat percentage. I was also fortunate to have tests done to check sweat rates, sweat sodium concentration testing, and a Metabolic Efficiency Assessment, which helped fine tune even further my nutritional needs and got me ready for a 100k race, my longest to date with great results. So, if you are serious about performing better, I highly recommend taking advantage of her expertise. - Hugo

From the start of my triathlon 2017 season I knew I needed to make some nutrition changes. Dina came as a recommendation from my coach.  

We leveraged body measurement trends, Training Peaks, strategic use of myfitnesspal, sweat tests and an in depth blood test specifically designed for athletes as our foundation.  She also had me write a list of foods I like and don't like.  As an athlete and insurance professional I have limited time in my week and needed a professional nutritionist to guide me through what my meals/training nutrition should look like to become a metabolically efficient athlete.  We leveraged my training to practice different fueling for race day.  We worked through my hectic day to day schedule to plan out what my meals would look like to maximize my training efforts and what would work race day morning along with the week leading up to the race.

With the World’s race increasing the amount of strength and endurance I would need, she made adjustments during my training, days leading up to the race, and race day.   These also included strategies for staying hydrated and keep my body temp as cool as possible.

I had total confidence in my nutrition plan this year and along with my triathlon training provided optimal results for me.  I never second guessed if I had enough and felt comfortable through all of my racing.

The investment is extremely worthwhile to have the confidence on race day! -Kim

I met Dina several years ago via an e-mail exchange after hearing about metabolic efficiency on a Generation UCAN webinar.  I described myself as a fairly active "senior",  who had a history of chronic yo-yo dieting. You name the "diet" and I had likely tried it.    I was an expert at losing the weight but could never seem to keep it off. I also have a large family history of heart disease which concerned me greatly, so I was intrigued with metabolic efficiency,  wondering if this could help me learn a sustainable way to eat, live, and be as healthy as I possibly could.

Dina asked me many questions about mypersonal eating habits, food likes, dislikes, said I didn't need to be a gourmet cook and helped me get over my fear of eating fat.  She also inquired about what activities I did.  I explained to her that I was by no means an athlete like people she was probably used to working with, I was just a "senior" who wanted to get healthy!  Never too late!

I had begun to have afternoon energy slumps, cravings, headaches. Dina explained this was not a "diet"  there would be no counting calories, points etc, which I found both relieving and frightening at the same time.  Dina patiently listened to all my fears,  while at the same time educated me about nutrition.  The word "diet" is no longer part of my vocabulary!

Following Dina's direction, I lost the extra weight I was carrying, I no longer had energy crashes in the afternoon, my cravings disappeared and headaches went away.  I have successfully maintained for well over a year, speaking monthly with Dina on the phone, also e-mailing any questions I might have.  In short, Dina changed my life!    She is one of the kindest, most knowledgeable, non-judgmental people I have ever met!  I HIGHLY recommend working with Dina,  she justmight change your life too!! -Debbie

Working with Dina was the smartest decision I have made in years. When I started, my goal was to drop 10 lbs to help with my running. I have now lost almost 20 lbs. More importantly, Dina has shown me new ways of looking at nutrition without counting calories or macros. In addition to this, she is an amazing person to work with. She is easy to talk to and has been incredibly encouraging, every step if the way. She gave me ideas for snacks and meals even with my chaotic schedule. At 48, I have more energy and am sleeping better than I ever have, and I am stronger and running faster than I ever have. - T.C.

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