Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes: Junior Varsity

4 week class for young athletes age 12-19

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This 4-week class is a great starter class for any young athlete who wants to learn more about the in's and out's of nutrition to fuel their body for sport, maintain good health and figure out what to eat during different developmental stages.  Each week will cover a different topic that pertains specifically to young athletes.  

Week 1: Foundational eating (the basics of macronutrients and micronutrients)

Week 2: Foundational eating (how and when to eat and the "why" behind eating)

Week 3: Nutrition periodization (nutrient timing for different sports and different cycles)

Week 4: Supplementation (why, how, when and is it worth it?)

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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes:  Varsity

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Sports Nutrition for Parents of young athletes

4 week class for parents of young athletes



This 4-week class is designed specifically for parents of young athletes.  It's challenging raising a young athlete and when it comes to nutrition, it is like a puzzle.  Factor in developmental stages, training cycles, different sports and lack of time and the puzzle becomes ever so complex.  Join Sports Dietitian (and mom) Paige Sheen as she helps you navigate the world of feeding a young athlete.  Each week will cover different topics, listed below.


Week 1: Foundational eating (macro- and micronutrients, the calorie story)

Week 2: How to teach kids to eat based on developmental level and sport

Week 3: Kitchen clean up, grocery store navigation and recipe creation and sharing

Week 4: Supplements and special situations (travel, holidays, fast food)


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