Catalyst: Body Composition testing

Catalyst: Body Composition testing

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eNRG Performance is proud to offer body composition testing as a tool to monitor health and performance changes. We don't settle for just any body composition technique. We use the MuscleSound technology to measure body composition, which includes percent body fat and lean mass. This technology is patented and mimics the accuracy of DEXA scans extremely well. MuscleSound is also more accurate than skin calipers (roughly 3 times more), and is not invasive so there is no painful pinching of the skin. Another benefit to this technology is the ability to quantitatively track your changes and trends over time to note how your daily nutrition and exercise training reflect your body composition goals.


Each body composition appointment is 30 minutes.

All Body Composition Testing sessions include automated reports that are emailed to you for your records.  Multiple test packages must be used within 3 months of purchase.

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