Becca recently completed her Master’s of Science in Nutrition Sciences with a concentration in Sport Nutrition. Prior to pursuing a career in Performance Nutrition, she studied Business Entrepreneurship at Baylor University and worked in Client Management with IBM.  After taking a leap to enter a new but exciting field, she spent a couple of years gaining experience through volunteer opportunities including work with the US Ski and Snowboard Association and serving as a student chair for a Sports Nutrition Association. Prior to beginning her graduate work, Becca served as the interim High-Performance Chef for the US Ski and Snowboard Association out of Park City, UT, and continued to work extensively with their Sports Nutrition program throughout her graduate studies.  In addition to her experience working with elite winter sport athletes, she held a research assistantship at The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in Murray, Utah.  In this position, she primarily worked with youth athletes by providing nutrition education and food demonstrations to youth athletic teams including swim, dance, lacrosse, ski, snowboard, and soccer. 

Becca’s interest in performance nutrition began in high school where she first learned of the benefits of practicing good nutrition for sport, or rather how poor nutrition could influence performance and injury risk.  Becca has a passion for the outdoors, and has enjoyed participating in a variety of athletic endeavors.  She completed her first half marathon at age 11, her first marathon at age 17, and skipped her senior class graduation party to participate in an 18-hour adventure race. She has long-loved mountain adventures, and traveled out West on many occasions to ski, climb, and hike 14ers, and summited Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania in 2005.  Becca had her marathon PR at Boston in 2013, and has discovered a new love in ski touring and a deeper passion for mountaineering since moving out West.  She is enthusiastic about helping others develop a healthy relationship with food and discover how nutrition can enhance quality of life as well as sport performance. 

Becca values establishing measurable outcomes for the athlete, which often includes taking baseline measurements and tracking progress over time.  Many strategies can be used for measuring progress.  Becca is a certified Metabolic Efficiency Training Specialist Level I and a certified ISAK Level I Anthropometrist.  These certifications allow her to use a variety of methods to assess and track a client’s progress throughout the performance nutrition journey.



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