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Thank you for your interest in my 2019 coaching program. I offered a similar program last year but have made some improvements to make it as economical as possible while still providing you high quality coaching (and not just a training program that you can buy somewhere online). After reading the information below, if you think you may be a good fit, please complete the form at the bottom of this page. I will look it over and contact you within 7 days.

Please note, a significant component of this program involves your social media presence. If you are not active on social media or do not have a decent following, this program will likely not be a good fit for you. I am looking for athletes who can contribute to the coach/athlete relationship and be vocal on social media. As part of the application process, I will be checking your social media accounts to note how active you are and what type of following you have.

The monthly investment for this program will be $249 and a commitment of six months will be required.

Thank you!


2019 Coaching Program Information

Selected athletes will be chosen based on the right fit with myself, their 2019 goals, and their ability to contribute to the coach/athlete relationship.

Each athlete will receive the following from Coach Bob:

  • Periodized training and annual training plan preparation

  • Race selection assistance

  • Customized training delivered in 2 week blocks

  • Quantitative analysis and feedback (athlete monitoring) using online training software

  • Daily nutrition coaching

  • Training and race day nutrition planning

  • One phone call per month

  • Unlimited email communication

  • Access to eNRG Performance partner discounts

  • eNRG Performance water bottle, shaker bottle, running hat and stickers

Each athlete will be responsible for the following:

  • Be a positive ambassador for eNRG Performance and Coach Bob

  • Paying up to $15/month for a premium online training system that you will use with Coach Bob

  • Updating the online training system every 2 days (quantitative and qualitative updates)

  • Posting on social media (Facebook and Instagram are preferred) a minimum of 3 times per month, tagging both eNRG Performance and Coach Bob

  • Training with a GPS system (watch and heart rate monitor) is mandatory

  • Training with cycling and running power is HIGHLY encouraged

  • Purchasing an eNRG Performance race kit/clothing to race in for 2019 (you will receive our team discount on this clothing)

  • Paying the monthly coaching fee via check or Venmo


Athlete Application

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